Debt Recovery

Working with you to recover debts

We can work with you to recover debts, and as a central part of your credit control mechanism. We can help with new debts or ongoing disputes.  We have extensive experience of working with small and medium sized businesses and have an impressive track record of recovering outstanding debts.  We are able to assist in the debt recovery process from the initial letter before action, to drafting court proceedings and enforcing any judgment order. Give us your debtor book and we will clean it up!

Reminder letter£30.00 
First Stage – formal legal letter £80.00 
Issuing the claim form  
Up to £300 £75.00 
£301 – £500 £100.00 
£501 – £1000 £125.00 
£1001 – £1500 £150.00 
£1501 – £3000 £175.00 
£3001 – £5000 £200.00 
£5001 – £10,000 £250.00 
Over £10,001 £300.00 
Entering Judgement £75.00 
High Court Enforcement £75.00 
Attachment of earnings  £150.00 
Third party debt order £200.00 
Charge on property £250.00 


If a debt becomes defended, or if you are involved in some other internal or external business dispute, we can assist you to resolve such disputes peacefully and amicably. We can help businesses overcome their differences away from court, which ultimately saves time and avoids expensive litigation. Our experience will enable us to assist in the negotiation, mediation or arbitration needed to find a suitable resolution.

We charge on a time-spent basis – £165 per hour 

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